Top 10 Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gifts for that Sweet Someone

Rich, creamy, sweet or bitter, chocolate is that one treat that everyone seems to have a sweet spot for. Dating back hundreds of years, chocolate is not only rich in flavour but rich in history as well! Learn about the origins of chocolate, how it became one of the top gifts to give on Valentine’s Day and shop the top Ottawa chocolate gift baskets and boxes from Givopoly delivered straight to your door!

The Origin of Chocolate

The history of chocolate can be traced back to ancient Mayans, and before that the Olmec civilization in southern Mexico. Thought to be consumed as a ceremonial drink, cacao beans were ground up and served with hot water in a frothy concoction, sometimes mixed with chili peppers or honey, and consumed during celebrations and important engagements. However, the drink was also easily accessible and enjoyed in most households with meals throughout the day. 

Although there is some debate about the exact history of Chocolate being introduced to Europeans, it is known to have taken place around the early 1500s in Spain. It became a beloved treat by the Spanish court and started being imported directly to Spain by 1585, which quickly spread knowledge of the decadent treat throughout the rest of Europe. At the time, European palates were more accustomed to sweet beverages and deserts, so they chose to serve chocolate with cinnamon, spices, cane sugar and other flavourings.

Gifting Chocolate on Valentine’s Day

Having to be imported from another continent, chocolate was quite an expensive commodity in Europe, meaning it was only consumed by the wealthy who were able to afford it. In the 19th century, chocolatiers found a way to make chocolate more affordable by extracting the cocoa butter and using it to produce chocolate bars at a significantly lower cost. This led to chocolate becoming more accessible by the masses. Chocolate was packaged in beautiful love themed boxes by local shops, adorned with illustrations of cupid and roses as symbols of romance making them a popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day.


Top 10 Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gifts from Ottawa Chocolatiers

This century old tradition of gifting chocolate to your loved one on Valentine’s Day now comes in a variety of forms. From chocolate dipped fruit, to hand crafted chocolates and different flavoured chocolate bars, you can truly find something for everyone! Find the perfect chocolate gift for your loved one with Givopoly in Ottawa today!


Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Box

Our hearts are full of love this year and so is this Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Box from IncrEdible Delights. This gift features 3 chocolate bombs, a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries and is packaged in a bright red heart shaped box. Order online now!




Valentine’s Day Special

The ultimate Valentine’s Day Basket, filled with goodies from Ottawa vendors including chocolate dipped treats, chocolate bars as well as a bottle of red or white wine, fresh rose petals, artificial roses, an elixir and a bath bomb. Order yours today!






Valentine’s Day Gourmet Box

Spoil your loved one with the Valentine’s Day Gourmet Box filled with an assortment of chocolate dipped fruits and chocolate dipped marshmallows decorated for Valentine’s Day. Order this box from IncrEdible Delights at Givopoly today!





Love You Berry Much Bouquet

Available in 3 different sizes, the Love You Berry Much Bouquet is the sweetest way to say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s Day! Complete with chocolate dipped strawberries, and pineapple cut hearts, this bouquet is sure to please your s/o!





4 Pack I Love You Box

Local Ottawa favourite, the Cupcake Lounge, offers a variety of pre-packaged gift boxes. The ‘I Love You’ Valentine's Day themed set features a chocolate chocolate, strawberry champagne, vanilla chocolate, and red velvet cupcake. Select your box today!





Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bouquet

One of our most stunning gifts, the Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bouquet features hand-dipped chocolate strawberries wrapped in a beautiful box courtesy of IncrEdible Delights. Express your love this year with this dreamy chocolate bouquet.




Valentine’s Day Romantic Box

Your chocolate loving sweetheart is sure to swoon over this gorgeous box of Valentine’s Day themed chocolate dipped strawberries! This box features 15 milk chocolate dipped strawberries and is an amazing gift for your loved ones!





Nine of Hearts Oreos

Melt in your mouth chocolate dipped Oreos are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him or her! Available in milk or dark chocolate and decorated for Valentine’s Day! Order your box of chocolate dipped Oreos early to ensure they arrive just in time!




Spontaneous Basket

The Spontaneous Basket is the perfect gift for those of us who enjoy the finer things in life. Complete with your choice of white or red, this box includes chocolate dipped treats and hand poured chocolate bars from local favourite Rocher Chocolatier.




Vegan Heart Chocolate and Hazelnut Truffles

This box of Vegan Heart Chocolate and Hazelnut truffles from Quelque Chose Patisserie is the perfect gift! These chocolates are vegan without sacrificing the delicious rich chocolate taste of traditional truffles. Order your vegan heart chocolate and hazelnut truffles!




Check out our array of decadent chocolate gift baskets and treats in Ottawa at Givopoly today! With the best Ottawa chocolate suppliers including The Cupcake Lounge, IncrEdible Delights, Fruit Couture, Quelque Chose Patisserie, Rochef Chocolatier and more. Shop early to ensure that your gift arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day!