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Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oct 2018


This olive oil comes from a small Italian village, SACROFANO, just 30km north of Rome.  The olives are hand picked within 20km of the village mill and produced using old world techniques.  Harvested this past October, this is as fresh as it gets. It is not commercially farmed or produced.  This product is exclusive to Aurelius Food Co. in North America.

Overarching themes:  Small artisanal production, authentic and pure.

Tasting notes:  Buttery mouthfeel up front and a nice peppery finish.

Top Ottawa restaurants using our products include :E18hteen / Riviera / North & Navy Beckta / Whalesbone / Stofa / Bar Lupulus / Le Saint Laurent / Clarendon Tavern / Elmsdale Tavern

Find us in store: 1283B Wellington St. West, Ottawa
Instagram/facebook: @aureliusfoodco   
Phone: 613-421-2512

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