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Combining photography with traditional Indian Craftsmanship, Ronjiny Basu and Tanima Majumdar have created a collection of distinguished scarves that capture the beautiful colours and patterns found in nature.   Being proud of their Bengali heritage, Ronjiny and Tanima decided to name their project Chobhi, a Bengali word that means "picture".
Chobhi captures the form and patterns found in nature, blending photography and fabric into wearable art, so that they can be enjoyed and appreciated everyday.  Chobhi scarves are made from natural and organic fibres and woollen scarves are handwoven by artisans from the northern part of India, in Amritstar. Chobhi is an Eco-Luxury Brand that practices fair-trade. Their scarves are all handmade and printed using eco-friendly printing methods. All their fabrics are made with 100% natural and organic fibres.
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