Bath Intentions

Bath Intentions

Bathintentions is a family-owned company that came to life during the most challenging of times and thanks to the love and support of our family, friends, staff, and community.

Alaya, creative genius, and co-founder brought together her love of life and fierce determination to not only help build a business she loved but also battle and be treated for cancer over six times. Alaya left this earth and her spirit went home in September 2018.

Dinah, mom and co-f ounder, rebelled against the difficult circumstances with bold, ingenious ideas to ensure the fruition of the family’s vision.

We believe that business, and life, is about caring and strong relationships through good and bad times. with that, we carry on our programs, product innovation, and life-honoring  Alaya’s spirit at the core of everything we do.

                        with love, xoxox