The Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts 2022

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to order the perfect gift to put a smile on that special someone’s face! Not sure what to get them this year? Is your significant other a foodie? Or perhaps they crave a relaxing night in? From locally sourced craft beer crates and gourmet gift boxes to luxurious red roses and loaded self-care kits, Givopoly’s got you covered with our Top 6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her in 2022.

Why Do People Give Gifts on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day gift giving dates all the way back to 3rd century Rome following the execution of a priest now known by St. Valentine and formerly Valentinus. At this point in history, marriage was illegal as Emperor Claudius II declared that single man performed as better soldiers during battle. Legends claim that Valentinus was a priest who disagreed with Emperor Claudius II, and would wed young couples in secret. Since then, every February 14th people in countries across the world celebrate romance, later showing their love for their partners, friends and family through exchanging heart-themed cards, candy, and flowers.

Symbolic of Venus, the Goddess of Love, the rose is often given as a gift on Valentine’s Day to express one’s love and romantic feelings towards another. In the 14th century, Charles the Duke of Orleans, famously wrote a series of love letters to his beloved wife will imprisoned in the Tower of London over Valentine’s Day. While love letters were frowned upon into the 16th century, by the 19th century they were considered a common and thoughtful way to express love towards one another. Chocolate was later introduced as a popular gift, when it was brought over from the Old World to the New World by the Spanish. Chocolate was found to possibly be an aphrodisiac, thus making it the candy of choice to gift on the romantic day.

Later, in the 1800s, the rise of gift giving on Valentine’s increased in popularity as people were able to send packages and letters to their loved ones through the mail. Now, over 2 centuries later, Givopoly makes spreading love and romance easy, despite the distance, this Valentine’s Day.

Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Urban Gourmet Local Foodie Box with Wine

Now available in 4 different sizes, the Urban Gourmet Local Foodie Box with Wine features a selection of local preserves, chocolates, coffee, and food compliments complete with your choice of a bottle of red or white wine! This box is guaranteed to bring great pleasure to your foodie’s taste buds this Valentine’s Day! Order the Urban Gourmet Local Foodie Box early this year at Givopoly and save 15%!



Craft Brewery Gratitude Pack

The Local Craft Beer Pack with Local Beer Nuts is the perfect gift for your beer-loving s/o! Available in a 6-pack or 8-pack, this handmade walnut-stained carrier contains a selection of local craft beers from Ottawa breweries. Say ‘cheers’ this Valentine’s Day when you order the Craft Beer Gratitude Pack from Givopoly! Order online early to ensure your gift basket arrives in time for Valentine’s Day this year. 



YOW Popcorn Co. Gift Box

A unique way to say ‘I Love You’ this Valentine’s Day! Stay cozy this year with a movie night in enjoying the YOW Popcorn Co. gift box! Featuring three different flavours of gourmet popcorn in attractive printed paper bags. This gift is customizable and can be completed with a sweet message for your loved one! Order the YOW Popcorn Co. Gift Box from local Ottawa favourite, YOW Popcorn Co., with Givopoly today!


Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine's Day Special

Not sure what to get your loved one? The Valentine’s Day Special basket is the perfect gift for anyone! This best-selling Ottawa gift basket is ultra-romantic and complete with 3 artificial roses, fresh rose petals, a selection of chocolate treats, nuts, a bath bomb, elixir, and your choice of red or white wine! For a limited time, order the Valentine’s Day Special from Givopoly this Valentine’s Day and save 15%.



Signature Red Rose Box

The classic red rose! This gift features 30-35 perfect fresh red roses elegantly placed within a beautiful round cream velour box. The roses are long-lasting and will live for 1-2 years. Luxe Blooms offers infinity rose boxes in a rainbow of colours including; red, yellow, white, pink, purple, blue and more! Shop Luxe Blooms wide selection of infinity rose boxes, at different sizes and price points, at Givopoly today!



 i am loved Ultimate Self Care Basket

The i am loved Ultimate Self Care Basket from Bath Intentions includes an array of bath bombs, shower steamers, handmade soaps, body lotions and a sweet lip scrub. Filled to the brim with everything one would need for ultimate relaxation, this gift is sure to make your well-deserving loved one happy this Valentine’s Day. For a limited time, order the am loved Ultimate Self Care Basket from GIvopoly and save 15%!

Shop our top 6 Best-Selling Valentine’s Day Gifts, now at 15% Off for a limited time at Givopoly today! Givopoly makes gift giving easy, with a wide selection of Ottawa Gift Baskets and Boxes delivered straight to your loved one’s door. All you have to do is find the perfect gift for them and place your order! Order early to ensure your gift arrives in time for Valentine’s Day!