Ottawa Realtor Closing Gifts to WOW Your Clients

happy clients opening realtor closing gift

Closing time does not mean the end of the line with your real estate clients.

On the contrary, the closing on a home sale and/or purchase represents a golden opportunity for Ottawa realtors. It’s the best time to thank a client for their business, to remind them that you’re there to help with anything along the way, and to encourage positive reviews and referrals.

A great way to celebrate a home sale or purchase is through realtor closing gifts. We’ve put together a list of the top realtor gifts for clients, ideal for Ottawa realtors looking to “put a ribbon” on a successful home closing.

Striking a Balance: How Ottawa Realtors Can Identify the Right Gift for Your Client

realtor holds keys to new home

When it comes to gifts for clients, it’s worth putting some thought into what your client will most appreciate and remember.

Whether your client is coming up on their closing date to move into their dream home, or they’ve recently accepted an offer to sell their home, a realtor closing gift shows that you don’t just disappear once the offer forms are filled out and signed.

Gifts for clients, however, shouldn’t just be a random, off-the-shelf purchase. The adage about “It’s the thought that counts” counts for a lot in the Ottawa real estate business.

realtor and clients at house closing

Think back to the conversations you’ve had with your real estate clients. Maybe you were at their home and noticed an item, theme or style that you could enhance with a gift?

Perhaps you were in the car on the way from one showing to another when a client mentioned a favourite food,
destination, artist or musician?

Whatever you’ve picked up on with your real estate client interactions, personalizing that realtor closing gift can go a long way to cementing your position as a top-notch realtor in their minds, earning you great reviews and potential referrals down the road.

3 Solid Ideas for Realtor Closing Gifts

With personalization and thoughtful intentions in mind, let’s take a look at some specific client gift ideas that could make a great impression when that home sale or purchase closes.

Wine is a Great Closing Gift in General – Just Remember to Read the Room

A nice bottle of wine (or craft beer, whisky etc.) is an old stand-by for realtor closing gifts.

If you’re in your clients’ home and notice their wine collection, take notes on their preferences both for wine regions and wine varietals. Same goes for beer - craft beer is a popular choice among many Ottawa homeowners and choosing the right style is a great way to impress a client. 

Booze isn’t for everyone, however; if you know or suspect that a client doesn’t drink alcohol, wine and liquor are best avoided.

Check out our selection of wine and beer gifts to help you make the perfect choice for your clients.   


Food Gifts & Baskets: Tried and True Gifts Bound to Please 

Nothing tastes quite as good as free food, so why not offer your client a delicious local treat to keep them energized for the move? 

At Givopoly, we offer a wide range of high-quality local food gift baskets perfect for everybody from the pickiest to the most adventurous eaters. 

A Fresh Fruit & Gourmet Gift Basket is a great choice for a family who have just moved into their new home - no more worrying about what to eat while unpacking!

Food gifts are also a great way to introduce people moving into Ottawa from out of town to their new culinary scene. Gifts such as the Urban Gourmet Local Foodie Box or a Triple Berry Crisp Pie from Life of Pie are great gifts to show new residents all that Ottawa has to offer.  

What About Gift Cards? Are These Appreciated as Realtor Closing Gifts?

couple and realtor at a home showing

When talking about “gift cards” in general, this could create a perception of less thought on the part of the gift giver.

However, if you have a specific service or product in mind, and want to allow your client to further personalize their gift by giving a card, this could actually be a big hit as a
realtor closing gift.

Rather than giving a generic gift card, how about offering a voucher for a helicopter tour of Ottawa? This gift is bound to leave a lasting impression on your client - quite the departure from the boring old gift cards we are used to getting. 

For your clients who you suspect enjoy a nice meal over adventure, why not get them a gift card to Giovanni's Ristorante in Little Italy? Offering a dinner on the town is a great way to build loyalty with your clients. 

How Givopoly Comes Through for Realtor Closing Gifts

For Ottawa realtors looking to impress clients with a memorable closing gift, why not work with a team who’s been putting thought into gift-giving for nearly a decade?

realtor closing gift flower basket at door of new home

At Givopoly, we specialize in gift boxes and gift baskets that help people such as yourself give a thoughtful gift to a client while supporting local Ottawa and Eastern Ontario small businesses.

Gifts for clients that have been curated by Givopoly show your real estate clients that you not only care about their home purchase or sale, but that you value the concept of keeping capital in the local economy.

Browse through our series of carefully assembled local Ottawa gift packages, and you’re sure to find great ideas for realtor closing gifts. From local and regional craft beer & wine to artisanal foods, coffee,  and much more, Givopoly features a wide selection of suitable and highly effective realtor closing gifts.

Solidify your position as a realtor who cares by giving your clients a thoughtful realtor closing gift.

To find out how Givopoly can help, check out our New Home Gifts page, and find a gift package that will wow your real estate clients.