Christmas Gift Baskets for Every Price Point

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Looking for that perfect Christmas gift basket, but not sure how much to spend?

There’s really no “right” or “wrong” amount!

No matter what your budget is, there’s an ideal Christmas gift basket that’s sure to fit. When it comes to ideas for affordable Christmas gift baskets that will be most appreciated, the options are plentiful - so long as you put some thought into it. 

In this edition of the Ottawa gift blog, we’ll delve into ideas for inexpensive Christmas gift baskets that will fit virtually any budget and make any recipient smile.

Affordable Christmas Gift Baskets: Thought Matters More Than Money

When it comes to gift giving, the phrase “It’s the thought that counts” really rings true.

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With our experience in the gift basket business, we can say with certainty that nobody will remember how much you spent on their gift. What they WILL remember, however, is how your gift made them feel.

That’s why it’s important to select your budget range, but even more important to take some time and put in some thought as to what you’d like to get that special someone – and how you want them to feel.

Oh sure, there may be a few people who regard Christmas gift baskets as a “cop out” – somehow perpetrating the myth that gift baskets aren’t personal enough.

To that, we say, “au contraire!”

christmas gift basket with fruit and wine

That myth exists (to the extent that it may) only because of people who haven’t put in enough thought to their Christmas gift baskets. Giving a lovely gift basket of fine wine to people who don’t drink, for example, or a sumptuous Christmas basket with meat to vegetarians or vegans? Well, that’s not going to go over very well now, is it?!

An affordable Christmas gift basket with a lot of thought behind it, on the other hand, will go a long way to making a lasting impression.

That’s why it’s more important to spend thought on that special Christmas gift basket as opposed to just spending money. Keep reading to find out our top Christmas Basket ideas for every price point!

Christmas Baskets Under $200

If your Christmas Basket budget is $200, you're in luck! $200 is a generous budget that will be sure to please anybody on your list. While there are so many gifts in the $150-200 range, here are a couple of our favourites: 

Champagne Holiday Bloom Box (Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial) - $160

Champagne is a classic holiday gift, and coupling it with roses and seasonal blooms is an excellent way of spreading the Christmas cheer. Moët is one of France's greatest champagne houses, making this gift ideal for that special someone who enjoys the finer things in life. Why not bring a little romance into christmas and show your loved one how much you really care with the highest quality flowers and bubbly.


We covered the classic Christmas gift option, how about something a little bit more unorthodox? For the nature lover and thrill seeker in your life, why not get them a helicopter tour of Mont Tremblant? A helicopter ride over one of Canada's most beautiful towns is a gift which will never be forgotten!

Christmas Baskets Under $150

$150 is plenty to get the perfect christmas gift basket for anybody on your nice list. With gifts ranging from alcohol, to food, to greenery and more, Givopoly has you covered for gifts under $150. 

Bar From Afar Cocktail Experience $ 105

For many of us, the holidays means quality food and great drinks. Some people take that a step further and mix exceptional cocktails at their holiday parties. If you have someone on your list who enjoys entertaining as much as they do mixology, get them the Bar From Afar Cocktail Experience. This gift basket includes vodka, fresh mixes, and garnishes for 8 speakeasy style cocktails, 2 of each from the menu. 

Luxe Blooms Mini Tree - $140

Have a friend or loved one who could use some extra Christmas cheer in their home over the holidays? Get them the Luxe Blooms miniature Christmas tree. Artfully composed with classic red and white roses, red spray roses, red dahlias, carnations dianthus, and adorned with ornaments this mini tree is sure to make the holidays that much more special for whoever receives it. 

Christmas Baskets Under $100

No matter who you're buying for, at Givopoly $100 is definitely enough to get the perfect gift - especially if they enjoy tasty treats. Keep reading to find out our top 2 Christmas baskets for under $100.  

Urban Gourmet Local Foodie Box - $70

There's a lot of delicious things happening in Ottawa's food scene, and a surprising amount of it can fit into a $70 basket. This gift box contains up to 8 items of Ottawa's finest food products including chocolates, preserves, coffee, and food compliments. Whether they are new to the city or born and raised in Ottawa, any food lover would be thrilled to receive the Urban Local Foodie Box. 


The Cupcake Lounge Large Assorted Gift Package - $82

If you have a sweet tooth, the Cupcake Lounge might change your life. The Cupcake Lounge's large assorted gift package is big enough for a whole family to share, but we won't judge it it's just for one person. With Christmas favourites such as chocolate brittle, sugar pecan cookies, caramel pecan clusters, shortbread cookies, alfajores and more who can resist? Order one as a gift and another for yourself, because you deserve it. 


Christmas Baskets Under $50

Think you can't get an incredible gift or gift basket for under $50? Think again! Givopoly has tons of options for gifts under $50, designed to make your budget go as far as possible. Plus, you get to order from the convenience of your home and enjoy next-day delivery! Not bad 

Holiday Popcorn Variety Pack - $30

For many of us, holiday popcorn tins were a staple of the holidays. The YOW Popcorn Co's Holiday Popcorn Variety Pack is a tier above these tins, offering 6 amazing flavours. Get 5 savoury bags of popcorn along with 1 bag of YOW's signature Sea Salt Caramel Peppermint Chocolate Drizzle popcorn. Perfect for snacking over the holidays, this popcorn variety pack is sure to please anyone. 


Local Honey and Tea gift box - $30

For some people, the best way to spend the winter holidays is curled up underneath some blankets enjoying a warm cup of tea. If that sounds like anybody on your Christmas list, check out the Local Honey and Tea gift box. Featuring a 500g Jar of Wildflower Honey from Smiling Moose farms and a Bag of loose Creamy Earl Grey tea from Diversitea, this gift will be appreciated by even the most discerning tea drinkers. Because we have thought of everything, a wooden honey wand is also included. 

Christmas Basket Tip #1: Consider the Person Receiving the Christmas Gift Basket

The first tip is to put yourself in the shoes of gift basket recipient.

You might love something in particular, but do they?

Think back to the conversations you’ve had with them, what you know about their likes and dislikes, their interests and hobbies, etc.

  • What have they ordered when you’ve gone to a restaurant?
  • What kind of food have they served you at their home?
  • What else have you seen in their home in terms of décor, accessories, etc.?
  • Have they told you something specifically about what they want?
  • Maybe they’ve been dropping some hints???

When you consider the answers to these questions, you can see how an inexpensive  Christmas gift basket makes a lot of sense and would be warmly received!

Chocolates, baked goods, coffee, wine, snacks… the list of foods for an affordable Christmas gift basket is practically endless.

And what if your recipient isn’t a foodie? Maybe you not sure about their dietary needs and likes?

There are many gift baskets beyond food, such as flowers, accessories, and much more.

Christmas Basket Tip #2: Choosing the Right Christmas Gift Basket Provider

The other suggestion (and admittedly, we’re a little biased here, but still!) is to select a provider of Christmas gift baskets who has solid experience in the gift game and knows how to curate affordable Christmas gift baskets – especially from local small businesses and locally sourced products.

Buying a gift basket from major online retailers (not naming any names here, but you know that big river in South America?!) goes back to the impersonal thing again. Sure, they’re convenient, and you’ve paid some prime money for their membership scheme, so why not make the most of it, right?

But think of how your Christmas gift basket recipient will feel, getting yet another cardboard box from that (sort of smiling?) mega website.

Instead, why not go in a different direction? Why not support local business? Why not give an affordable Christmas gift basket that shows you care enough not only to find the right gift basket for them but to find it locally, keeping money in the local economy and keeping jobs in the region!

Givopoly – Your Local Ottawa Christmas Gift Basket Provider

Still can't find the right gift basket for your friends, family, or loved ones? Check out our collections, browse our selection of hundreds of gifts, and order the perfect christmas gift basket today. 

Givopoly is Ottawa's top local provider of thoughtfully curated, affordable Christmas gift baskets.

From food and flowers to coffee, wine, accessories and more, we’ve got your Christmas gift basket needs covered.

At Givopoly, we’ve gone out of our way to offer a selection of inexpensive gift baskets that are sure to please your recipient – while being friendly on your wallet.

It’s the thought that counts, after all, so count on the thought we’ve put into these baskets.

To get started, visit our Christmas gift basket page now.

We wish you and yours a joyous Christmas and holiday season!